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Glasgow City Council

Fair Processing Notice

Who will process your personal data?

The information which you provide on this form will be processed by Glasgow City Council, which is the 'data controller' for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. It may also be shared with other organisations within the Council group, as described below.

What will your personal data be used for?

The personal data that you provide on this form will be used in order to deal with your comments or complaint, and to let you know what the outcome of this is. More information on how the council uses personal data generally can be be found in our privacy statement.

Will the Council use your personal data for any other purpose?

The 'other information about you' part of the form is optional; it is requested in order to comply with the Council's statutory obligations to secure equality of opportunity and will only be used for statistical purposes.

Will the Council disclose your personal data to anyone else?

Glasgow City Council will not disclose the personal information that you provide to any outside person or organisation except where required to do so by law or with your own consent. However please note that if your complaint relates to one of the Council's arms length external organisations it will be necessary for the Council to share your information with the relevant organisation to allow them to investigate the issue and report back to the Council on this. The relevant organisation will also be a data controller in these circumstances. We will only share your information with the organisation(s) named in your comment or complaint or which can readily be identified as the body supplying the service which you are commenting or complaining about. If you have not named a specific other organisation when contacting us, we will clarify to you in response which other organisations (if any) we have had to contact in order to deal with the matter.

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