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Team Foster Care

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What is Team Foster Care?

Team Foster Care is an exciting and innovative service within Glasgow which aims to provide very intensive and structured support to a specific group of young people in care.  The young people are likely to be currently living in either foster care or residential care. For a variety of reasons their early lives have been unstable and they may present with a range of complex behavioural and/or emotional difficulties.

Team Foster Care offers a structured programme which the young person agrees to follow. The role of the foster carer, over and above providing nurturing care, is to encourage and support the young person to stick to the programme, with the close support of the programme team, as shown in the diagram below:

Team Fostering

In this type of fostering the foster carer is an essential member of the team and will receive daily contact as well as attend weekly team meetings where support, advice and intervention is offered by the programme team and other carers. In addition, carers can phone for support at anytime, day or night.

Why is Team Foster Care needed?

Glasgow has a very high number of young people who are looked after away from home. The vast majority of these are placed with foster carers or within residential children's units in Glasgow. However, there are a number of young people who find it very difficult to manage in these settings and this can result in them having many changes of placement, often being placed in residential units far away from their family and community. These young people can often struggle to develop into adulthood as they have not been able to form any close attachments while growing up.

We believe that young people need to be given opportunities to work on the behaviours which are causing them difficulties. Team Foster Care provides young people with the opportunity to develop relationships, build skills and grow into confident young adults. This model elsewhere has been evaluated as life transforming for young people.

Who can become a Team Foster Carer?

We are looking for single people or couples who live within Glasgow or the surrounding areas.

No experience of working with young people is necessary, although an understanding of the behaviour of children and young people between the ages of 7 to 17 years and a commitment to young people is essential. We have a programme for 7-11 year olds (TFC-Children) and another for 12-17 year olds (TFC-Adolescents).

Team foster care is demanding, so we would expect you to have good social supports and not have any dependent children living with you.

You will also need to have a spare room for the young person and be prepared to commit full time to fostering if a single carer. If part of a couple one person would need to commit full time, although both would be equally responsible for the placement and would be jointly assessed.

Skills and personal qualities are more important than any formal qualifications and good treatment foster carers would need to:

  • enjoy a challenge
  • be resilient (that is not give up on young people easily)
  • be compassionate and caring
  • be firm and consistent
  • be able to work closely as part of a team and follow through on agreed plans
  • be open to new ways of doing things
  • be able to look at things from a different perspective
  • value the differences in people
  • have a good sense of humour!

What are the rewards for Team Foster Carers?

Most important, you get to deliver a service with us that has been internationally proven to change young people's lives and tackle their problems directly

You get huge amounts of support from a multi-disciplinary team with professionals from the NHS, social work and education

You get daily support from this team

You get 24/7 support by phone, or in person, if needed

You are also rewarded with a generous fees for your hard work, plus allowances.

Intensive training both before and after the young person is placed with you

You would also be entitled to annual leave and regular respite

You get to be part of Scotland's first Team Foster Care Programme and will be treated as a full member of our team

How do I become a Team Foster Carer?

Caring for a young person who is looked after away from home is a big responsibility. We want to be sure that you understand this commitment and that you would be able to provide a safe and secure environment.

If you are interested in becoming a carer:

  • Phone for an informal chat - Phone: 0345 276 5555 or 0141 277 7408
  • We will then offer you an initial visit to discuss more fully what is involved
  • If still interested you would then complete an application
  • A social worker within the team will then meet with you regularly and prepare an assessment which describes your suitability for treatment fostering
  • You will be expected to attend preparation groups with other foster carers
  • When the assessment report is complete the social worker and yourself will be invited to attend the adoption and fostering panel who will make a recommendation as to whether you should become a treatment foster carer

Although this sounds like a daunting process it is important to remember that our responsibility is to ensure that our young people are safe and our carers are fully prepared for this very important role.


Get in touch

  • Phone 0345 276 5555
  • Phone 0141 277 7408
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