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Glasgow City Council

Arms Length External Organisations (ALEOs)

The Council has established a network of wholly and partly owned Arms' Length External Organisations ("ALEOs") which now provide services to and on behalf of the Council.  A number of the ALEOs also have trading subsidiaries.

The council's ALEOs are:

The Council is also responsible for a number of separate statutory functions which are delivered through separate legal entities, including the City of Glasgow Licensing Board, the Assessor and the Electoral Registration Officer.  When acting as returning officer for elections or counting officer for referenda, the council's chief executive is also acting in a separate legal role.

For details of how we share personal information across the council family, please follow the appropriate links from the council family privacy home page.

Please note that each elected member of the Council is also a data controller in their own right.  The privacy statements of each elected member can be seen on the elected members' webpage.

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