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Improvements to Glasgow's Recycling Services

We are making improvements to recycling services across the city. These improvements will increase the level of service offered to all residents in kerbside, tenement and flatted properties meaning we can avoid sending more of our household waste to landfill and help contribute to the aims of the Scottish Government's Zero Waste Plan.

The changes include:

  • The introduction of a food waste recycling service to kerbside properties between January and March 2016;
  • Improving infrastructure in flats and tenements to help residents to use the communal blue bin recycling service more easily;
  • The introduction of a food waste recycling service to flats and tenements between April 2016 and March 2017.

By collecting food waste we can recover value from it when it is recycled and turned into agricultural fertiliser or energy. Whether you live in a flat, tenement or kerbside property we will contact you in advance prior to any changes taking place. We will also be launching a city wide campaign in early 2016 to ensure everyone knows how to recycle and use their existing and new recycling services.

To find out when the changes are coming to your area and for the latest updates please check back with this page.


September 2016

All flats and tenements in the north of the city have now been provided with a food waste collection service. Over 108,000 food waste caddies and more than 11 million liners have been distributed to this housing stock since the start of April. Distribution to the south of the city will commence within the South East at the start of September, thereafter moving to the South West. This is expected to take until November to complete. Flatted properties within the city centre will receive the service from mid-November. For traditional tenements, communal grey 240 litre wheelie bins will delivered to backcourts.  Multi-storey premises will receive communal 500 litre grey bins.

Information leaflets on recycling and re-usable blue recycling bags continue to be distributed to all flats and tenements within the city.  Missing blue 240 litre wheelie bins within with backcourts will be replaced.

Existing blue 240 litre wheelie bins within tenement/flat backcourts are having a blue cap fitted to cover the brush top opening on top of the bin. The brush top lids are allowing excess water into the bin which is affecting the quality of the paper that is collected.  The lids of the bins can be lifted to place recyclable material into the bin.  This will be a rolling programme across the city that will take several months to complete.

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