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Glasgow City Council

Obtain a copy of the Register (for Political Parties and Registered Campaigners)

Contact the Electoral Register

  • Phone 0141 287 4444

The Electoral Registration Officer has a duty to supply free copies of the register of electors to various organisations and individuals, and legislation imposes restrictions on how this is done.

If you are a political party, registered campaigner or candidate please email your requests to   

If you are a political party please make your request from the email address we have on file as your official party email for correspondence. We will only provide the register to the confirmed recipient via our secure portal.

If you are a registered campaigner with The Electoral Commission, please provide your registered name and registration number when contacting us.

If you are a candidate at an election you can request a copy of the register of the area you are contesting, this entitlement only applies while you are a candidate and expires once the election is over.  We require proof of your status as a candidate before providing the register (nomination papers).




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