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New legislation was introduced on 3 August 2020 which extended the voting franchise in Scotland.  This now means that you can register to vote if you are resident and are aged 14 years and over and are:

  • a British, Irish or EU citizen

  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or who does not require such leave.

  • a qualifying foreign national who has permission to enter or stay in the UK, or who does not require such permission

Please note that it is an offence to knowingly provide false information on an application to register to vote, and if convicted you could be imprisoned for up to six months and/or face a fine of up to £5000.

Overseas Electors

If you are a British citizen living overseas you can vote in UK Parliamentary and European Parliamentary elections only.

To qualify as an overseas elector you had to be registered to vote in the UK within the previous 15 years (or, in some cases, if you were too young to have registered when you left the UK).

You can apply to register online at You will need to provide the address you were last registered to vote in the UK when completing your application.

Armed Forces, British Council Employee and Crown Servants

If you are a member of armed forces, British Council Employee, Crown Servant or their spouse or civil partner you are eligible to vote in all elections.

There are separate registration services for public servants posted overseas. Please choose the relevant link to apply online at

If you are resident outside the UK and are applying for a postal vote prior to an election, it is important to check the key election dates on our election page. This will provide the issue dates for postal ballot packs. Please check to ensure you will be able to receive and return your application on time.

  • Phone 0141 287 4444

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