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Interrupted Learners Service (ILS)

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The Interrupted Learners Service (ILS) is part of Glasgow's overall provision to address all additional support needs. By providing one to one tuition, ILS attempts to ameliorate the effect of extended disruption to education that some children and young people can experience for a range of reasons. Such tuition is not an alternative to school attendance but a temporary support until the young person can re-engage with an educational establishment.

The Team

The Interrupted Learners' Service was reviewed between Oct and Dec 2014. In January 2015 it re-formed as a small group focused on re-engaging children and young people in their educational pathway.  The service included a small number of tutors associated with the team. On occasion a teacher from one of Glasgow's schools can act as a tutor for a child or young person outwith school hours.


Any issues of non-attendance of children and young people at school are normally reviewed and acted upon by school staff. This can include the Education liaison officer (ELO) making house calls to ascertain the reason for prolonged absence. If school measures do not result in improved attendance the case may be referred to the Learning Community Joint Support Team (LC-JST). This multi-agency group will review the non-attendance of the learner and they may invoke the support of ILS as an outcome of their meeting. 

Almost all referrals to ILS will come from this forum. However reasons for non-attendance at school are diverse and there can be particular crisis or medical situations which require direct involvement from ILS. These referrals are directed to Colin MacQuarrie, DHT Inclusion and will be ratified thereafter by the LC-JST.

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  • Phone 0141 556 6276
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