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Council Tax Billing and Reminders

I haven't received my bill yet

We will be issuing new Council Tax bills for 2017/2018 in batches and you should your new bill in March 2017.

If you haven't received your bill, this may be because we haven't been told who is liable for Council Tax. If so, please use our Change of Address form.

If you have already told us about a change that would generate a new bill, please allow us 28 days to process this information.

Why has my bill increased?

Council Tax has been frozen for the current year, but Scottish Water have increased their charges for Water and Waste Water.

For more information on Water and Waste Water charges please contact Scottish Water.

I cannot pay my Council Tax bill

If you are unable to pay your Council Tax bill for any reason, please contact us on 0141 287 5050.

The sooner you contact us the quicker we can help you with your Council Tax bill.

If you are on a low income you may be eligible to apply for Council Tax Reduction.

You may also be able to change your payment plan to help meet your personal circumstances.

If we have passed your arrears to a Debt Collection agency, please contact them directly if you have any queries.

What band is my property in?

Your bill will show you the Council Tax band for your property.

If you know what band your property is in, you can find your annual charges in the section called What do I need to pay? on our Council Tax page.

Alternatively you can sign-up for our Council Tax portal to view this information and your balance.  Please visit our self service page.

Or, if you would like more general information about Council Tax banding please visit Scottish Assessors Association website.

I paid too much last year

If you paid too much last year we will automatically apply the amount you overpaid to this year's bill.

The overpayment will not be shown your annual bill. We will automatically deduct the overpayment amount from this year's first instalment.

To view your balance please sign-up or login into youraccount

Do I need to re-new my Direct Debit mandate for each financial year?

No, if you have an existing direct debit we will continue to use this method to collect your payments on the agreed date each month.

I don't pay Council Tax, why have I received a bill?

We have to provide every person who is liable for paying Council Tax with an annual bill. 

If you receive Council Tax Reduction you are not required to pay all or part of your Council Tax charges as shown on your bill. Everyone need to pay Water and Waste charges, which we collect on behalf of Scottish Water.

If you are a Student you are not automatically exempt from paying Council Tax and you need to apply for an exemption/discount.  Please be aware that registering your details with your college/university Student Services is not your application for an exemption, we use this information as proof of your Student status. For more information please visit our page on Student Exemptions or Discounts.

I've received a Council Tax reminder letter after I've paid my bill

If we have not received your payment on the agreed date we will send you a reminder letter within 7-9 days. 

If you have already paid your bill and you're up-to-date will all Council Tax payment you can ignore our letter.

If you have still to pay your bill you can make a credit or debit card payment using our Payments page. Or, alternatively sign-up for Direct Debit payment using our youraccount page.

How can I find out how much council tax I have paid or have still to pay?

You can sign-up for our Council Tax portal to view your Council Tax balance.

To sign-up for an account please visit our youraccount page.

How do I sign-up for e-billing?

You can sign-up for e-billing using our Council Tax portal.

If you do not have an account with us you can register by visiting our youraccount page.

How do I tell you I've changed my address?

You can use our Change of Address form to tell us you've moved house.

Please visit our Change of Address page to complete our form.

If you are moving into a Glasgow property you can set-up a Direct Debit mandate using our youraccount page.

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