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Buying a Home

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What to consider?

It is important to bear in mind a range of different factors when searching for the right home. The basic three are:

  • What size of property do you need?
  • Where would you like to live - what travel considerations are there?
  • Any particular features that you need in the property, such as ground floor access, a garage, storage etc.

More information on buying a home can be obtained from Shelter Scotland.

The advantages and disadvantages to buying a home


  • Long-term security over where you live
  • Greater control over the furniture, decor and upkeep of your home
  • It is generally an investment for the future
  • Can enable future moves up the housing ladder  


  • It can be expensive depending on where you want to live
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs take time, can be costly and can cause worry
  • Costs are less predictable and unexpected repair costs can be high
  • When the market is slow, moving can take longer than anticipated
  • In order to keep long term mortgage costs to a minimum, it may be necessary to re-mortgage every few years and this may incur some one-off costs
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