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Hospital Education Service

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  • Stobhill School                     0141 232 6630
  • RHC Teaching                      0141 452 4175


The Hospital Education Service was set up to provide educational provision for pupils who were absent from school during a stay in hospital. The service is staffed by teachers employed by Glasgow Education Department based on site of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Govan Road.

The Hospital Education Service teaches across two sites based at the Royal Hospital for Children (RHC) and Syke House. In Skye House there is a purpose built school called Stobhill School for pupils of secondary age. At the Royal Hospital for Children we teach young people throughout the hospital.

Hospital Education Service (HES) Role

  • Provides education for pupils who are in hospital for an extended period of time. We can teach pupils from all over Scotland.
  • When a pupil is admitted the child or young person's school and authority are contacted before teaching commences.
  • We teach pupils who have an expected stay of 5 days or more.
  • HES teachers liaise with the home school to identify pupil needs and plan work in order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum adapted to pupil needs. In RHC, pupils are taught literacy and numeracy.
  • Wards are checked  each day for any new admissions and for the names of pupils who are well enough to be taught.
  • Pupils who have an expected stay of 6 weeks or more have long term work planned sheets completed by HES teacher in consultation with the pupils base school.
  • HES staff liaises with clinicians and ward staff in order to help meet pupil needs.
  • HES staff attend case conferences as necessary and can provide information which can be included in JST meetings.
  • Where possible pupils are taught in group sessions although often due to infection control issues in RHC, pupils are often taught at the bedside.
  • Work can be left with the young person to help reinforce learning.
  • HES teachers provide a daily record of lessons which can be requested upon discharge.
  • Work planned sheets are shared with school. Upon discharge of long term pupils, feedback forms are sent to the school.
  • The comments from the school feedback forms are collated and any appropriate action taken.

Office location 

The Hospital Education Service
Stobhill School, Skye House
133 Balornock Road,
G21 3UW


Get in touch

  • Stobhill School                     0141 232 6630
  • RHC Teaching                      0141 452 4175


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