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Glasgow City Council

Event Road Restrictions


This page will inform you of various types of road closures taking place in Glasgow.  Please see below:

Caravan and Outdoor Show SEC

Roads affectedand dates and times of restriction applying to all vehicles, with the exception of an emergency service vehicle carrying out an emergency response or vehicles given permission from Glasgow City Council filming and events section.

From 16:00hrs to 22:00hrs on the 5 February 2023
Prohibition of vehicle movements

Stobcross Road between Congress Road and the loop road also known as Stobcross Road

*access to the A814 will remain open at all times.

Reason for Restrictions

To facilitate a temporary restriction for the safety of road users.

"vehicle" unless the context otherwise requires, means a vehicle of any description and includes a machine or implement of any kind drawn or propelled along roads whether or not by mechanical power;

"emergency service vehicle" means a vehicle being used by the Police, Fire or Ambulance Services and includes blood transfer vehicles operated by the NHS.

"Prohibition to vehicle movements" applying to all directions unless otherwise stated.

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