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Getting Permission to use Stalled Spaces

Contact Stalled Spaces

  • Phone 0141 287 8555


This programme is now closed.

What is it?

One of the key requirements of Stalled Spaces support is the permission to use the site for the proposed project.

Sites can either be under Glasgow City Council ownership or others.

How do I find land ownership details?

A Stalled Spaces officer can help determine whether a site is Glasgow City Council owned or you can request this information by filling out the Land Ownership Enquiry Form.

  • If the site is under Glasgow City Council ownership, a Stalled Space officer will help establish if it is available for the proposed use and proposed duration. Groups can then pursue a temporary lease for the space with the appropriate department within Glasgow City Council.
  • If the site is not in Glasgow City Council ownership, you can get ownership information through the Registers of Scotland for a nominal fee. You can then get in touch with the owners regarding getting the permission to use the site

For assistance with land issues check out Community Land Advisory Service.

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