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Buy new Green Bin/Exchange Green Bin for larger Green Bin (General Waste)

How do I buy a new green bin?

If you do not have a green bin you can purchase one at a cost of £54.00. Residents are unable to purchase a second green bin.

If you do not have a green bin and need to purchase a new green bin please contact the Customer Care Centre by phoning 0141 287 9700.

Can I receive a larger or additional general waste bin?

The Council is seeking to promote and encourage recycling and will not automatically provide a larger green bin for residual wastes.  Subject to a visit and assessment from a Council officer a larger green bin can be provided if:

  • five or more permanent residents in the household, or
  • non-recyclable Healthcare Wastes are generated, or
  • 2 or more children aged 3 or under in disposable nappies

Receiving a larger bin is subject to residents using the recycling bins to the fullest extent. 

If you would like to be assessed for a larger green bin, please complete our online form. If approved, your green bin will be swapped for a larger green bin.

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