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Supplementary Guidance

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What is it?

Supplementary Guidance (SG) explains, in detail, how the City Development Plan's policies are to be implemented and are used in the determination of planning applications.

Each policy in the City Development Plan has corresponding Supplementary Guidance. City Development Plan Policy 2: Sustainable Spatial Strategy is/will be accompanied by area specific Strategic or Local Development Frameworks for 9 areas of the City.

For more information on polices and proposals please see here.

Proposed Supplementary Guidance

The Council is consulting on two pieces of draft Supplementary Guidance: SG6: Green Belt and Green Network and SG12: Delivering Development.  When adopted, they will replace Interim Planning Guidance (IPG) 6 and IPG12 respectively and will form part of the statutory development plan.  

Draft SG6 sets out planning guidance on the assessment of development proposals affecting the green belt, green network and protected open space and also the circumstances in which contributions may be sought from new development towards the provision or enhancement of open space to support the needs of that development. 

Draft SG12 details the requirement for developer contributions for Clyde Fastlink (a public transport project to serve development and regeneration along the north and south bank of the River Clyde) or an alternative public transport scheme.

Comments on either document can be made via the Council's Consultation Hub or, in writing, to:

City Development Plan Team
Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX or by Email to Development Plan Team

Consultation and Status

A suite of topic based supplementary guidance has been prepared to sit alongside the city Development Plan.

Eight pieces of policy SG have been adopted by the council (see below) and consultation is now being undertaken on an additional two pieces of SG (SG6 and SG12 - see above).

Until these final pieces of guidance are adopted the Council will operate Interim versions, called Interim Planning Guidance (IPG - see below).

These IPGs have the corresponding SG number, i.e. SG3 = IPG3.  The Interim Guidance will be replaced by the Supplementary Guidance when it is adopted.

The consultation versions of the outstanding SG'S can be viewed via the consultation hub at Completed Consultations.  

Adopted Policy Supplementary Guidance

List of Adopted Supplementary Guidance:

SG 1: Placemaking Parts 1 and 2SG8: Water Environment
SG4: Network of CentresSG9: Historic Environment
SG5: Resource ManagementSG10: Meeting Housing Needs
SG7: Natural EnvironmentSG11: Sustainable Transport   

Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Antonine Wall) World Heritage Site Supplementary Guidance

Guidance Operating as Interim Planning Guidance

List of Interim Planning Guidance:

Spatial Supplementary Guidance Consultation and Status

The Glasgow City Development Plan identifies priority areas where a strategic approach is needed to co-ordinate development activity, direct investment and address emerging opportunities. SG2 will therefore contain a suite of documents setting out spatial Supplementary Guidance for these areas in the form of Strategic Development Frameworks (SDFs) and Local Development Frameworks (LDFs). 

Six pieces of spatial SG have been adopted by the council (see below) - 5 Strategic Development Frameworks (SDFs) and 1 Local Development Framework (LDF).

Consultation on a further LDF (Drumchapel) has recently finished.

One SDF (Greater Easterhouse) and two LDFs (Drumchapel and Pollok) remain to be adopted.

Adopted Spatial Supplementary Guidance

Strategic Development Frameworks:

Local Development Frameworks:


A number of maps have been created in order to support the Plan. They can either be accessed interactively online or downloaded as a PDF. The maps are a spatial illustration of the Plan's policies and proposals.

PDF Version
SG3 - Economic DevelopmentSG3 - Economic Development
SG4 - Network of CentreSG4 - Network of Centre
IPG6 - Green Belt/Green NetworkIPG6 - Green Belt/Green Network            
SG7 - Natural EnvironmentSG7 - Natural Environment
SG9 - Historic EnvironmentSG9 - Historic Environment
SG11 - Public Transport Accessibility          
IPG12 - Delivering DevelopmentIPG12 - Delivering Development
Policy and Proposals MapPolicy and Proposals Map
Open Space PAN65Open Space PAN65


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