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What is it?

Clydeplan is the current adopted Strategic Development Plan for the Glasgow City Region. It covers eight local authorities including Glasgow City Council and was adopted in July 2017 and is effective for 5 years. The purpose of Clydeplan is to provide a 'concise and visionary' spatial strategy for the Glasgow City Region.

The current existing adopted development plan in Glasgow consists of:

  • Strategic Development Plan (SDP) Clydeplan, approved July 2017
  • Glasgow City Development Plan (CDP), adopted March 2017
  • topic/spatial Supplementary Guidance (SG) associated with the CDP.

Full details can be found on the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan website.

Regional Spatial Strategy

Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) were introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act and will replace the SDP's which are being abolished within the City regions. RSS's are to be prepared by individual planning authorities or authorities acting jointly.

In response to planning reform at the national level, early work is now underway to prepare, publish and adopt a draft Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) which will set out the strategic development priorities for the wider Glasgow area in conjunction with other local planning authorities, key stakeholders and the Scottish Government.

The RSS will identify the need for strategic development, the outcomes to which strategic development will contribute, priorities for the delivery of strategic development and proposed strategic development locations.

The RSS will be reviewed every 10 years.

Local development plans are required to 'have regard' to an adopted RSS.



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