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Glasgow City Council

Meet the team

John Paterson

I was appointed as Corporate Health and Safety Manager in 2013. I manage the resilience unit in addition to being the strategic lead for health and safety.

My role mainly involves providing strategic direction and guidance across a wide range of range of issues, working with council staff and elected members, partner organisations and other local authorities to provide a safer workplace and a more resilient city.

Prior to my current role within Corporate Governance, I have held a number of operational and managerial positions within Construction, Facilities Management and Care Services.  

I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, focussing on strategic and change management.

Janice Boyle

I've been a Resilience Officer for 9 years, and during that time I have been involved in a wide variety of tasks and projects. A key part of my role involves preparing policy, exercising and training. Responding to major incidents can be challenging but also very rewarding, in particular working alongside multi-agency colleagues.

During the Commonwealth Games in 2014, I was a key member of Glasgow Council's City Operations acting as the Council's Safety & Security lead. This role was a fantastic experience, and a great honour, and watching the venues run like clockwork was a personal highlight.

Nikki Kennedy

I started my career in Emergencies Planning in 2001 as a young girl with a lot to learn.  Throughout my time as Assistant Civil Contingencies Officer, I gained a wealth of knowledge of the Civil Contingencies Act and Preparing Scotland Guidance and how this impacts on Glasgow and our various plans and procedures.  In 2009, I was promoted to Resilience Officer within the unit and gained a Professional Development Award in Resilience Management from New College Lanarkshire (in conjunction with Scottish Government).  In June 2017, I was accepted to St. Andrew's University, where I am currently studying Terrorism Studies.  Part of the Resilience role within Glasgow incorporates large scale events and being a key part in the 2014 Commonwealth Games was extremely rewarding.   Over the years, I have attended a number of major incidents, mostly notably the Stockline Plastics Disaster and the Clutha Tragedy, although these were exceptionally difficult incidents to respond to, I learned a lot about my role and myself as a person.

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