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Glasgow City Council

Community Risk Register

A Community Risk Register (CRR) is a multi-agency publication that highlights risks that have the highest likelihood and potential to have significant impact, causing disruption to specific regions across Scotland and its communities.

These documents will:

  • Inform you about the highest risks and their consequences in your region
  • Provide you with links to organisations and websites to find out more
  • Encourage steps that can be taken to become better prepared and more resilient in your home, business and community

While certain risks are mentioned it does not mean that they will definitely occur in the region.  It does mean there is a possibility of them happening and these documents will provide information about what can be done if any of them do occur and how you can prepare and stay informed.

You should also use this information in conjunction with local knowledge and advice from the emergency services, agencies, local health boards and your local authority.

More information about Community Risk Register can be found at:-


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