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Bin Replacement Programme

What is the Bin Replacement Programme (BRP)?

The Bin Replacement Programme is investing in improving local neighbourhoods by removing small metal dustbins within the backcourts/common bin areas of flats and tenements and replacing them with larger wheeled bins free of charge.

The larger wheeled bins which will be provided will be of various sizes, the size of which will be determined by available space and access and egress to the bin storage area in the backcourt/common bin area.

Additional blue wheeled bins, for the collection of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and empty cans, will also be provided where required.

Why are the metal galvanised bins being replaced?

Glasgow has around 48,000 small metal dustbins in backcourts or common bin areas of flatted properties. These bins are no longer fit for purpose and are often in poor condition, which can lead to the spread of litter in backcourts, encouraging vermin and creating health and safety issues for both residents and Cleansing operatives. 

The Bin Replacement Programme seeks to addresses these issues and will remove small dustbins from 145,000 tenements/flatted properties in the city and replace them with modern general waste and recycling wheeled bins.

When will my bins be replaced?

The Bin Replacement Programme will be delivered in 3 phases, over three years, in the following areas -

  • Phase 1 (Ward 14 and parts of Wards 13, 15, 23) began in part of the North West of the City in October 2017 and was completed on 30 June 2018. 
  • Phase 2 (Wards 9-12, 16-22 and the remaining parts of Wards 13, 15, and 23) is programmed to commence in December 2018 in the North West (remaining part area) before moving on to the North East. Phase 2 is anticipated to be completed by April 2020.
  • Phase 3 (Wards 1-8) is programmed to commence in the South in May 2020 and anticipated to be complete by the end of December 2020.

Each resident will be sent a letter prior to the replacement wheeled bins being provided, which will confirm the programmed date.

We are currently trialling new 8 day domestic refuse collections and 16 day recycling collections in flatted properties in the south area. It is anticipated the trials will be complete by 30th November 2020. Thereafter residents can use the council website to access their new days for their domestic and recycling collections. 

Can I receive my new wheeled bins earlier than scheduled?

Consideration may be given to providing the new replacement wheeled bins earlier than scheduled in the programme, if the Bin Replacement Programme early adopter criteria is met. 

If the resident, Housing Association or factor is considering backcourt/bin store building works, they should contact the BRP team by email - so that consideration can be given to the provision of the wheeled bins earlier than programmed above. 

In the absence of meeting this criteria, replacement bins would have to be purchased in the meantime and this can be arranged via the following contact number: 0141 287 9700.

Early adopter
An example of work carried out by residents at an address in the Southside.

What will happen at my address?

  • If you have small metal dustbins for general waste, these will be removed and replaced with wheeled bins. The size and number of wheeled bins will vary from property to property dependent on space within and access to the backcourts and/or bin storage areas. Additional blue bins will also be provided. You may receive additional wheeled bins for general waste.
  • If you already have wheeled bins for general waste, these will remain and additional blue wheeled bins will be provided.
  • In some cases, existing standard style wheeled bins for general waste and recycling may be replaced with larger wheeled bins for ease of use.
  • Bin sheds and bin areas are the responsibility of the owners. New bins will be delivered as close as possible to the existing bin sheds, bin areas.

How will the programme benefit me?

The replacement bins will bring significant benefits to residents in flats through reducing vermin infestation and over-flowing bins, and increasing recycling opportunities. 

How many bins will be provided to each close?

This will be based on the number of flats in each close and whether standard or larger wheeled bins are suitable for the specific bin store/back court. The required number and size of the replacement wheeled bins will be assessed by the Bin Replacement Programme team. In the majority of cases each flat will receive 180 litres of general waste capacity, replacing the 75 litres which a standard sized metal bin can hold. This will equate to 5 new general waste bins in a close which contains 6 flats, or 6 new bins in a close which has 8 flats. It should be noted that we do not provide an individual wheeled bin for each flat

When will residents be notified that their bins are bring replaced?

Residents will receive a letter (including recycling guide) from the Council prior to the replacement of the bins.

We will also provide housing associations and factors with a detailed information pack prior to the roll out of the Bin Replacement Programme in their area.

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