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Site Assessment

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What is it?

The Council is currently undertaking a comprehensive Site Assessment exercise to assist in the preparation of Glasgow City Development Plan 2

The Site Assessment exercise will help to ensure that all development opportunities taken forward in the new Plan contribute towards future regeneration efforts and help to support a more sustainable and healthier city.  This exercise will consider:

  • Potential New Sites and Opportunity Areas

    An early public Call for Sites exercise aimed at identifying potential new sites for development, alternative use or protection was undertaken in January 2019. All submissions received will be retained and reviewed and there will be further opportunity to submit new sites, given the time period that has elapsed since the original Call for Sites exercise.

  • Legacy Sites

    A Review of Legacy Sites (sites carried forward from the previous Plan) is also being undertaken to consider relevant new information about established sites which has come to light since Plan adoption.

The results of the Site Assessment exercise will be published in a Site Assessment Background Paper and the Strategic Environmental Assessment, both of which will feed into the City Development Plan 2 preparation process.




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