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Community Relations FAQs

Report Antisocial Behaviour

What is antisocial behaviour?

  • A course of conduct that causes alarm or distress to someone of a different household
  • For example regular very loud music, regular noisy parties, threats and harassment, vandalism
  • What is unlikely to be covered as ASB include noise from children playing, walking on laminate floors, parking and boundary disputes
  • Matters where formal action is not likely can be dealt with by Mediation

What will the Community Relations Unit Do?

  • Speak to you and listen to your problem
  • Assess the nature of the complaint
  • Investigate further e.g. speak to witnesses, get reports from Police, possibly even use surveillance
  • Recommend possible solutions where appropriate e.g. mediation
  • Work in partnership with other agencies for support needs etc
  • Where appropriate issue warnings up to and ultimately including going to court for an ASBO
  • If we can progress your complaint using the ASB legislation you will have to
  • Keep a diary of incidents
  • Keep the investigating officer up to date with what's happening
  • Be prepared to go to court if the matter is not resolved through warnings and support measures
  • To go to court investigators need supporting evidence (corroboration) of the incidents e.g. from other people, ASB Noise Service or Police witnesses

How long will the investigation take?

  • Investigations can range from weeks to a year dependant on the complexity of the issue

What is an ASBO

  • An ASBO is a court order to stop someone doing something that a court determines as causing alarm or distress
  • If breached it is a criminal offence where the person can be arrested carrying penalties of up to £5,000 and/or 6 months in prison on summary conviction
  • It can also affect the tenancy of those in rented property

Do ASBOs Work?

  • Yes!
  • The advice, warnings and support offered most often resolve the complaint prior to court action
  • If an ASBO is required then either the behaviour stops or the person will face strong action from the Police. Recent strong sentencing from Glasgow Sherriff court includes 6 and 4 month prison sentences, bail conditions for an offender not to return to their own home, in cases involving rented property breaching an ASBO mostly results in an eviction.

How do I report antisocial behaviour?

  • You can report antisocial behaviour using our online form
  • For an ongoing noise incident call our ASB Noise Service on 0141 287 6688
  • If its an ongoing incident of a criminal nature call Police Scotland on 101
  • If you are a housing association tenant call your housing officer in the first instance
  • For all other calls phone the 24hr ASB helpline on 0800 027 3901


Report Antisocial Behaviour

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