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Recreate is a unique service that enables people with convictions to volunteer for up to six months in a meaningful work placement. Volunteers gain new skills and experiences that will allow them to move forward in their life. They have access to a variety of employment sectors including; construction, horticulture, community development, facilities management, warehousing, engineering and woodwork.

Many Recreate volunteers have spoken about how their voluntary placement has provided them with new skills, training and experience. It has also helped them to build their CV and provided a means by which they can obtain a reference for future employment. Through their voluntary placements they are provided with a safe and supportive environment and most importantly a structure and routine.

Our volunteer placement providers currently include public and third sector organisations. Here's what some of them have said about the programme and the volunteers.

"Having a Recreate volunteer has been a very positive experience for our organisation however it is also important to note that many of our staff found it a positive experience. Our volunteer was very enthusiastic and keen to do what was asked however after a short period of time he soon knew the jobs that needed to be done and just go on with it. The level of enthusiasm and willingness to work hard from our volunteer also rubbed off onto our staff and other volunteers".

"The Recreate volunteers that I have been working with would like to get into full time employment. When they are volunteering this motivates them and as they grow in confidence they get better at communicating with the other people that they are working with. This means that if they have any problems or difficulties they are comfortable asking for help which will get them through the work they are doing. The volunteering opportunity also gets them into a better routine, something that is very positive but also very different than what they've been used to"

"Having engaged with our Back on the Road programme for about 4 months, one of the Recreate volunteers moved into full time employment. However, this was not a straight forward case and there were a few twists and turns along the way. The volunteer had been made homeless half way through his time with us and had been having relationship issues with his wife. However, the consistency of support from the Recreate staff and the volunteer's willingness to continue to engage with our programme, meant he was able to negotiate those barriers and move into new accommodation and full time employment. "

What makes Recreate different from other volunteering opportunities is that each volunteer is provided with individual employability and development support throughout the duration of their placement. Realistic goals are set in order to help them to stay focused, easily identify achievements and become work-ready. They also have direct access to other support opportunities like; housing support, employability services, health information and financial advice, enabling them to make positive changes in their personal life.

This approach helps to remove barriers to employment and volunteers are better equipped to find solutions to any future problems. By giving our volunteers positive opportunities and supporting them to become work-ready, we are helping to break the cycle of re-offending and make communities across Glasgow safer.

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