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What Bursaries are available for Care Experienced Young People?

Young people aged 25 and under who are care experienced and are applying for an eligible undergraduate course are able to apply for a funding package of tuition fees and non-income assessed Care Experienced Student Bursary. 

In addition, young people may be eligible to apply for assistance with accommodation costs over the summer.

Young people able to apply for this grant includes those under the age of 26 at the start of the course who were at any point during their childhood:

  1. Looked after at home
  2. Looked after in kinship care
  3. Looked after and accommodated

How do I apply?

If you meet the criteria and wish to apply, you can apply through Student's Award Agency Scotland (SAAS), you can find more information on this leaflet.  You will be given an Evidence of Care Experience form to complete.  The final part of the form is intended for Local Authorities to complete to confirm care experience criteria.

All applications / enquiries received from care experienced young people should be directed to the Business Development Operations Team (email:

The Business Development team will liaise with you to confirm if you are required to complete a SAAS application form or if your college requires a confirmation letter.

If you require a confirmation letter, the Business Development team will forward this direct to you to pass onto the appropriate person in your College or University.  This letter will confirm dates of your care experience.

For further information, you can contact Karla Highfield on 0141 276 0148.

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