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      Temporary Street Cafe

      You require a Section 59 Permit to operate a Temporary Street Café on the public footway.

      The current process allows for an application for both the Section 59 Temporary Street Café Permit and the Occasional Liquor licence, in respect of an external area for existing licensed premises, to be made via the one form.

      If the proposed external area is on any other land other than the public footway, you will be required to provide confirmation of the landowner's permission in writing.

      From the 1 April 2023 the current flat rate charging structure is being amended and a new charging structure that is proportionate to the size of the area and considers the location you wish to occupy is being introduced. The charging structure is detailed on the table below and details on the boundaries for each band can be found here.

      BandCost (£/m²)
      City Centre60
      Major Town Centre30
      Neighbourhood (All Other Areas)15

      Applications for permission to site a Temporary Street Café can be made by completing our online application form which will also require a clearly dimensioned location plan of the proposed street café to be submitted to allow costs to be confirmed. In addition, an accompanying cover letter and cheque is required to be sent to; FAO Roadworks Control, Eastgate, 727 London Road, Glasgow, G40 3AQ.

      The operation of a Temporary Street Café will be monitored for compliance to ensure that the relevant permit conditions and licensing conditions (where appropriate) are followed. Glasgow City Council may rescind the permit and/or license, if required. More detail on the conditions and obligations in relation to a Section 59 Permit can be found in the Temporary Street Café - Annual Agreement.

      If you operate a Temporary Street Café without the appropriate permissions in place you may be committing a number of offences which could lead to formal legal proceedings and jeopardise any existing trading licenses.

      Planning Guidance

      The use of any external areas is governed by Planning legislation. You must also take cognisance of the guidance in relation to this following pdf icon Planning Measure During Business Re-Opening document [78kb].


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