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City Centre: Details of Temporary Works

A street-by-street approach has been adopted, with temporary measures introduced to allow priority to be given to pedestrian space around our transport centres, core shopping streets and any identified pedestrian pinch points.

Work completed to date includes footway widening around Glasgow Central Station High and Low Level entrances to provide additional queuing space, as well as footway widening and road closures in and around George Square, including North Hanover Street at Queen St station. A bus/cycle/taxi gate has also been added to George Square (south) and South Frederick St (north), and a bus/cycle/taxi lane on Cochrane Street to speed up journeys and support sustainable transport.

SFP: George Square Refresh 1

Footway widening around core streets within the city centre was also implemented last year at locations including Hope Street, Union Street and Bath Street as well as Renfield Street and West George Street. Extra space has also been created on Montrose Street to support students. 

Following a period of monitoring and review earlier this year, the footway widening barriers have now been removed at the majority of locations apart from around George Square and the train stations. Instead, work is almost complete to install more attractive infrastructure such as that now complete in the Merchant City which will make it easier to maintain physical distancing as lockdown restrictions ease, and footfall in our city centre increases.

Other initiatives to ease pedestrian movement in the city centre include the installation of temporary bus boarders - with the first ones installed on Glassford Street outside Marks and Spencer, and at Trongate next to Tesco Express. This infrastructure extends the footway out into the road, ensuring continued accessibility onto public transport whilst providing extra space for pedestrians at noted pinch points. 

We have also implemented traffic light automation and touch-free pedestrian crossings, both of which remove the need to press the button to prompt the green man to display.  

Full details of temporary city centre projects previously delivered or ongoing can be found here.

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