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Proposed Compulsory Purchase Orders

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Detailed below is a non-exhaustive list of properties in respect of which one of Glasgow City Council Committees has recently authorised compulsory purchase. 

These Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) are currently being prepared and will be promoted by the Council in due course and will be available for viewing here.

Please click on the heading below to see documentation submitted to Glasgow City Council's Committee in relation to that particular CPO.

Flats 1/3 and 3/2, 27 Harley Street and flat 1/2, 25 Harley Street, G51 1AJ

Committee approved Compulsory Purchase of 3 properties at:

  • Flat 1/3, 27 Harley Street,Glasgow G51 1AJ;
  • Flat 3/2, 27 Harley Street,Glasgow G51 1AJ; and
  • Flat 1/2, 25 Harley Street, Glasgow, G51 1AJ.

Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 -  Committee Decision 13/09/2023.


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