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Glasgow City Council

If you are having difficulty paying

We understand that a lot of people are facing changes in their way of living at the moment and if your household income or circumstances have changed you may be struggling to pay your Council Tax.

We may be able to help you either through a reduction in your charges or by giving you a bit more time to make your payments.

Details of the help we can give you are listed below.  Remember - if you do not tell us that you are having difficulty paying, we are unable to help you and you may receive Council Tax Reminders and could be contacted by our Debt Management partners.

If your circumstances have changed

If you are currently on a low income, you may be entitled to Council Tax reduction and can find out more information and apply for this online. Certain discounts and exemptions may be available for a limited time if the property or occupiers meet certain categories.  If you wish to notify us of a change of address please visit our self-service page.  Please note that payment must not be withheld pending the outcome of an application or change.

If you would like to make a payment arrangement

You can choose to reprofile your bill by setting up a Direct Debit over the remainder of the financial year to March 2021. To do this please click here and select an option from the "Select your preferred payment date" dropdown in Step 2 that says 12 instalments in brackets.

Alternatively, for non Direct Debit payers payment arrangements may be agreed where the balance can be cleared by 31 March 2021.  Please contact us via our online enquiry form.  A member of our Council Tax team will then be in touch with you to discuss your account.

Other reductions

You may be able to get a discount on your Council Tax in certain circumstances such as if you are the only adult living in your property, you are a full-time student or someone in your property is disabled. More information on this is available on our exemptions and discounts page.

Financial Help

If you are experiencing difficulties with your finances, Glasgow's Advice and Information Services (GAIN) may be able to help. GAIN is a network of agencies that give free, confidential and impartial debt advice and includes voluntary agencies, citizen's advice bureaux, and legal, housing and independent money advice agencies. For more information visit: or phone 0808 801 1011

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