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Non Payment of Council Tax

What happens if my council tax bill is not paid?

If you are having difficulty paying your council tax bill it is essential that you seek help as soon as possible.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like information on managing debt, please contact the Glasgow Advice and Information Network (GAIN).  You may be eligible for a reduction if you have had a change in your circumstances and can find out more information on our main Council Tax page


Council Tax is payable over 10 monthly instalments from April to January the following year. The Council issues a notice at the start of the financial year advising the total amount payable and monthly instalments.  You may also wish to pay Council Tax over 12 instalments from April to March the following year and you can do so by setting up Direct Debit here and selecting an option from the "Select your preferred payment date"  dropdown in Step 2 that says 12 instalments in brackets.


If you do not make payments as requested in your Council Tax notice, we will send you a reminder.  The reminder will request that you bring your missed instalments up to date within 7 days otherwise the full bill becomes due 14 days thereafter.  More information on payment arrangements can be found here.

Summary Warrant

If you are not able to bring your instalments up to date within the requested time or make a payment arrangement, you will lose the right to pay by instalments and the full years balance will become due.  The Council will then make an application to the Sheriff Court to obtain a summary warrant that includes a 10% penalty for non-payment.  The application for a summary warrant is made without any further notification to you.

Debt Management Partners

Once a summary warrant is granted, the Council will either pass the account to one of our Debt Management Partners, Scott & Company or Walker Love or request that the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) take a deduction from an eligible benefit. 

Scott & Company and Walker Love will contact you to collect the outstanding balance and arrange an appropriate repayment plan.  It is important that you contact them, and not the Council, as soon as possible to discuss your account.  If you do not make contact, further action may be taken to collect the balance which may include additional fees.

Scott & Co

Tel 0333 320 6892


Walker Love

Tel 0141 212 6121


You can still notify the Council of a change of occupation, make an application for Council Tax reduction, or discount or exemption using our online services however please note that payment must not be withheld pending the outcome of an application or change.

Deductions from State benefits

If you are in receipt of the state benefits noted below and are already having deductions taken by the DWP, we will make application to take deductions for the current financial year.  There is no need to request these deductions, we will arrange this.

DWP Benefits

Jobseekers Allowance (income Based)

Income Support

Employment Support Allowance

Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)

Universal Credit

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