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Glasgow City Council

Temporary Part-Closure of Clydeside Pop-Up Cycle Lane at Lancefield Quay

Published: 27 November 2020

A short section of the Spaces for People pop-up cycle lane on the Clydeside will be closed temporarily from next Monday (30 November 2020), to accommodate construction work access in connection with properties affected by last year's fire at Lancefield Quay.

Lancefield Quay part-closure

Whilst the road layout at Lancefield Quay does not allow for revisions that would allow the cycle lane to remain open during of the period of works, cyclists will be able to merge into the westbound traffic flow and re-enter the cycle lane once past the affected area. The riverside walkway also remains open for active travel. Footway access at Lancefield Quay will be maintained subject to short-term stops during crane operations associated with the construction work.

As part of Glasgow's effort to provide public space for physical distancing during COVID-19, the west-bound pop-up was installed in May and runs for 1.5miles between Saltmarket and the Clyde Arc, utilising a stretch of the Fastlink bus lane. This new active travel infrastructure has proved very popular, helping to boost the number of people cycling along Clyde Street by almost 200%.

The temporary (part) closure of the Spaces for People pop-up cycle lane will take effect from 30 November 2020 and is expected to last until March 2021.

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