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Carers Supported to Prepare Emergency Plans

Published Nov 25th

Hundreds of unpaid carers in Glasgow have been helped to draw up emergency plans in case they get ill and are unable to look after their loved ones.

The city's Health and Social Care Partnership is encouraging adult and young carers to plan ahead to ensure alternative arrangements can be put in place quickly if needed.

During the first 16 weeks of the pandemic, almost 600 carers were helped to prepare emergency plans by Glasgow Carers Service. The plans were prepared by phone and offer peace of mind for carers, as well as providing essential information for organisations which would step in to assist in an emergency.

The plans include information about the care needs of the looked after person, including details about medical conditions and any medication they need to take. They also outline who needs to be informed in the event of an emergency.

Councillor Mhairi Hunter paid tribute to the city's unpaid carers and urged people to take advantage of the support on offer.

She said: "Unpaid carers play a hugely significant role in society and this has become even more evident since the pandemic began. Carers' dedication to their loved ones is humbling, but it is equally important that they find time to look after themselves, and making an emergency plan could be a weight off your mind.

"As a carer myself, I know that planning ahead and having a plan B is crucial to ensuring things run as smoothly as possible.

"Carers have a legal right to an emergency plan. They are not new, they were around before the pandemic, but in these uncertain times, it has never been so important to prepare one. I'd urge people to contact the city's Carers Service as soon as possible for advice on how to go about it."

Glasgow's Carer Service can guide carers through the process of creating an emergency plan and ensuring that the right people have access it in the event of an emergency.

If you are an unpaid carer in Glasgow and you want to find out about planning ahead, your rights and services available, call the Carers Information Line 0141 353 6504 or visit 'Your Support Your Way Glasgow' website.

Published Nov 25th

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