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Regulated Tenancy

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What is it?

Tenants who possess a Regulated Tenancy under the Regulated Tenancies and Occupancy Agreements entered into before 2 January 1989 (Rent (Scotland) Act 1984) and wish to challenge a rent increase proposed by a landlord have the right to appeal to the Scottish Housing and Property Chamber, following a determination by the Rent Officer.

If a tenant or landlord is unhappy with the rent that has been assessed by the Rent Officer, either one may apply to the Tribunal to have an assessment of the rent carried out.

Tenants seeking an adjudication of a rent increase with a Regulated Tenancy entered into before 2 January 1989 (Rent (Scotland) Act 1984) should consult the Scottish Government Website in order to confirm the type of tenancy they have.

Alternatively, independent advice can be found here.




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