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Assured Tenancy or Short Assured Tenancy

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What is it?

Assured and Short Assured tenancies and occupancy agreements entered into on or after 2 January 1989 and up to 30 November 2017 Housing (Scotland) Act 1988

The Scottish Housing and Property Chamber Tribunal can consider applications by tenants of Short Assured and Statutory Assured tenancies who wish to:

  • have the Housing and Property Chamber assess their current rent (Short Assured); or
  • object to an Assured new rent proposed by their landlord issued by the landlord on form AT2 and using Form AT3 (T) to apply to the Tribunal. 

Sample forms including form AT2 and AT3 (T) are available on the Scottish Government Website.

If tenants are unsure about which type of tenancy they have, they can consult the Scottish Government website by clicking here.

Alternatively, independent advice can be found by contacting:

  • Shelter
  • Law Centres
  • Citizens Advice Scotland and
  • Solicitors

A list of solicitors who do housing law should be available from the Law Society of Scotland.


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