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People Make Glasgow Communities

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Are you interested in running the services in your community or managing your local venues, buildings or facilities? If so we'd love to hear from you.

As part of our mission of empowering communities to make their own decisions, and meet the changing needs of neighbourhoods, People Make Glasgow Communities is giving you the opportunity to become more involved in the venues and services you rely on in your local community.

Building on the City Charter we want to work together to give Glaswegians, community groups, organisations and entrepreneurs greater control over the community venues that they rely on. 

We want to build stronger, more resilient, fairer and healthier communities, which meet social, climate and economic equity requirements. And we want to do this together, with the input of everybody.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people have stepped up to support their local communities. People have helped neighbours and friends in need, supported key workers, and local groups and organisations have stepped in to help venues and facilities to open again.

You can read about some community groups in the process of taking over their venue, building or facility here.

People Make Glasgow Communities hopes to help more people and organisations to support their communities.

Current best practice shows services which are managed and delivered locally are the most successful in meeting community needs.

In line with the City Charter, People Make Glasgow Communities aims to:

  • Foster long term partnerships
  • Celebrate the great work already being undertaken in Glasgow
  • Encourage more! 
  • Allow a multiplicity of voices
  • Be ambitious and innovative in creating a new future for the city

This is an open call for individuals, groups, organisations and businesses to take part in delivering local projects, venues and services which they love and benefit from in their neighbourhoods and communities.

We're excited about the ideas, connections, partnerships and services that may emerge when we all work together. Because People Make Glasgow Communities.

Please register your interest here.

Have a look at some frequently asked questions.

You can find out more about the City Charter here.

You can read more about the thinking about community development here.

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