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Glasgow City Council

Secure On-Street Cycle Parking


We recognise that the lack of bicycle storage at home is a significant barrier to everyday cycling. This is a particular problem in flatted and tenement type properties.

To overcome this barrier, we are introducing pay for use cycle storage facilities across Glasgow. A pilot scheme of 60 units, each with capacity to store 6 bicycles, is being introduced. The units are at street level to minimise the amount of bicycle carrying you have to do. Some units will utilise space on the footway, and some will displace car parking spaces by approximately half a car length. This is being implemented to maximise the benefits of cycling and minimise any inconvenience through a reduction in car parking.

The facility is provided by Cyclehoop Rentals Ltd and the cost per space will be £1.38 per week or £72 per year. Locations of the units are shown on the Cyclehoop Rental website where you can search for a unit close to your home, apply to book a space and suggest a new location.

To suggest a location visit the Cyclehoop Rental website

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