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Moving Forward Spaces for People - Online Survey Now Open

Published: 12 May 2021

An online consultation survey has opened seeking your views on the Spaces for People physical distancing measures delivered during COVID-19, and whether any should be retained permanently.

Spaces for People in Glasgow has seen significant temporary travel infrastructure implemented across the city to provide additional space in public places for walking, wheeling and cycling. Footways have been widened at pinch points to facilitate safer pedestrian movement and easier access to shops, schools, businesses, community facilities and public transport hubs. Pop-up cycle lanes have also been created to make active travel viable and more convenient for everyday journeys.

Full programme details can be found here.

Why are we Consulting?

Spaces for People projects have the potential to help deliver other outcomes unrelated to the pandemic such as:

  • encouraging more people to switch to more sustainable ways of travelling such as walking, wheeling or cycling
  • supporting businesses by providing more space for people
  • improving air quality and reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • improving road safety
  • improving health

Before deciding whether to go through the statutory legal processes necessary to make measures permanent, we want to hear your views. Survey responses will help us better understand how you feel about Spaces for People projects, and any you particularly wish to see retained or removed.  Feedback from survey respondents on which measures have worked well, and which perhaps less so, will also be taken on board by the council to help shape future active travel infrastructure planning.

What Happens Next?

Before deciding which Spaces for People measures to recommend for retention, we'll review all survey responses as part of a monitoring and review process agreed with Sustrans Scotland which will include the appointment of an independent consultant to consider the infrastructure delivered and make recommendations on which should be kept.

It is proposed that this independent review will take place in the summer and a report presented to the City Administration Committee thereafter.

Cllr Anna Richardson, City Convenor for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction said: "It's unbelievable, the sheer number of projects delivered by the Spaces for People team under very challenging circumstances, to create extra public space for walking, wheeling and cycling. 

"Exercise and active travel for essential journeys has undoubtedly been made a whole lot easier and more attractive through the provision of widened footways, pedestrian priority lights, additional School Car Free Zones and a network of pop-up cycle lanes which encourage people to get on their bikes.

"This online conversation is the start of a process to learn lessons from the infrastructure delivered at pace since the very first lockdown, and to see what people want to keep and why, feeding into our longer term objective of increasing the popularity of active travel, which we know is good for our health and wellbeing as well as the environment" 

Take Part:

The online survey which is available by clicking on the link here is open for the next 6 weeks and closes on Sunday 20 June 2021.


Spaces for People Measures Delivered:

City Centre - see full programme details here.

SFP: George Square Refresh 1


Cycling Routes - see full programme details here.

Bilsland Drive complete cycle lane 1


Neighbourhoods - see full programme details here.

Kelvin Way complete 2

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