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RingGo - Cashless Parking

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Motorists are now able to use a mobile phone service RingGo to pay for on and off road parking at our pay and display car parks. 

RingGo allows motorists to pay using their credit or debit cards without the need for displaying a ticket on their dashboard.

How Does Cashless Parking Work?

RingGo lets you pay for your parking without coins, you just need a payment card and a phone or pc.  You can register for RingGo on the sign up page at Ringo's website or when you want to park.

The 1st time you use RingGo online or by phone (0203 046 0010 or 0141 530 3303) you will be asked:

  • Your number plate, the colour and make of your vehicle
  • The location you're parked in (site name on side of pay machine)
  • How long you want to stay
  • Your payment card details

The next time you use RingGo you then confirm:

  • The vehicle you want to park
  • The location
  • How long you want to stay
  • Your payment card security code

How else can RingGo be used?

  • Call them from your phone to park on 0203 046 0010 or 0141 530 3303.
  • Text RingGo to park, send one short message and pay for parking.
  • Use their app, free to download.
  • Pay for your parking in advance, extend a session and download your VAT receipts.

A small convenience charge is made at many locations. Please check the Ringo site for details.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

Download VAT receipts or give them your e-mail address and they will send them every time you park.

Isn't a ticket required?

No ticket is needed. Parking attendants look up your number plate on their handheld device and check you are parked with RingGo.

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