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Herbert Protocol

What is the Herbert Protocol?

pdf icon The Herbert Protocol is a form [592kb] that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police at the point the person is reported missing. A recent photograph of the person should also be kept with the form. It is not intended to replace existing safeguarding and security measures.

The information provided by you will assist Police enquiries in the event that the person concerned goes missing, so that they can be traced safe and well, as quickly as possible.

It is well known that people living with dementia can experience loss of short term memory but can easily recall memories from decades earlier. Sometimes we find that those who are reported missing are attempting to make their way to a place of previous significance to them and the Herbert Protocol is designed to capture this information.

It can be distressing for family members to give important details when their loved one has disappeared so by completing the Herbert Protocol form before any incident occurs, it will allow the police to respond more quickly and to help identify where best to deploy staff and issue appeals on social media and traditional media for any sightings.

How do I know if I need a Herbert Protocol?

The pdf icon Herbert Protocol [592kb] is for people living with dementia, their families and carers in Glasgow and it is designed to provide the Police with everything they need to know. You should use your knowledge of the family member to decide if you need to complete a Herbert Protocol.

Who should complete the Herbert Protocol Form?

The person at risk and / or their family can complete the pdf icon form [592kb] now and keep it safe. The form should be regularly reviewed and updated, so that all the information is as relevant as possible.  

What do I do with the Herbert Protocol Form once I've completed it?

Once completed then the pdf icon form [592kb] should, if possible, be kept at the house of the person at risk, or with family members. It should be kept somewhere it can be found easily and handed to the Police in the event the person goes missing.

What should I do if I am concerned that my friend or relative is missing?

If you believe the person is missing and at risk of harm, please call 999 at the earliest opportunity. Tell the operator you have a Herbert Protocol person profile.

What happens if a person appears to be missing?

If you think someone is missing then search their home address, ground and any outbuildings. If you can't find them and believe they are missing, then contact the police at the earliest opportunity.

If you believe that the person missing is at a high risk of harm, please call 999. Tell the police operator that you have the Herbert Protocol person profile.

Where can I get a copy of the Herbert Protocol form?

You can pdf icon download a copy of the Herbert Protocol form [592kb]. You can also find a copy on Police Scotland website.

Video explaining the Herbert Protocol

We have produced a video (below) which tells you more about the Herbert Protocol and also features a story where the Herbert Protocol would have helped in finding someone. Press the Play button to start the video:


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