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Apply for Access Protection Markings

Apply for Access Protection Markings


Where frequent obstruction of a driveway or access point is being experienced and significant parking issues are being caused by vehicle users unfamiliar with the area, you may apply for a white 'H' shaped line known as an Access Protection Marking (APM) to be painted on the road.

The markings are designed to highlight the presence of a driveway or access point and are not legally enforceable. Although there is no specific offence of parking on it, there may be a general offence of obstruction with which Police Scotland could enforce. Advice from the Road Policing Unit asks that any alleged obstruction be reported to the local police office by calling 101.

It should be noted that these markings are provided if the location meets the relevant criteria and may be installed subject to the contractor's workload, the length of the marking will be kept to an absolute minimum (covering only the extent of the dropped kerbs) to prevent creating additional parking problems for neighbours.

Apply for Access Protection Markings

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