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Parents Portal

In line with Glasgow's Digital Citizen policy and to enhance communication with parents/carers, Education Services will shortly be introducing to school across the city from November 2021, on a phased basis.

Parents Portal is designed to replace the 'schoolbag run' and provides online access to a range of school related services to Parents/Carers.

Parents Portal will provide access to Parents/Carers with information about their child's school and will allow 24-hour online access to: -

  • Link to their child
  • Complete the annual data check process electronically
  • Update their own as well as their child's details at any time
  • View the school calendar
  • Complete electronic permission slips and consent forms

As the Parents Portal develops, you will see more services being introduced in the future including online placing requests, report cards, payments for trips and activities. This list is not exhaustive.

To use Parents Portal, parent/carers must have an MyGov account. They can then use the same login details to access Parents Portal.

Parents Portal is only available for Parents/Carers of Primary and Secondary school children.

Further information and guidance will be sent to you before the school starts using Parents Portal.

Considering the events over the past year regarding the Pandemic, Parents Portal is an excellent addition to the current communication mechanisms already in place.

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