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Recovery from Industrial Action Questions and Answers

Which services have been affected by the strike?

All household waste and recycling services have been affected, as well as our garden, food and commercial waste services along with public recycling points. There has been a limited street cleansing service during the period of the strike.

Please be aware that some of our services continue to be disrupted as we deal with the impact of the 8 day industrial action and please leave your bin out if it's not been picked up on your usual day and it will be emptied as quickly as possible.

What is happening to kerbside collections from main door properties?

If you are due to present your blue, purple or green bin for collection from Tuesday, November 9 then you should present your bin as normal.

We are currently experiencing delays on some kerbside collection routes. If your bin is not collected on the scheduled date then please leave it out for collection and it will be emptied as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are very sorry, but the collection of brown bins normally presented at kerbside will not resume until 7 December.

What is happening to collections from flats or tenements?

If you are due collection from Tuesday, November 9 then your bins should be serviced as normal.

What is happening at properties which did not receive household waste collection during the period of strike action?

We are very sorry if your scheduled collections were affected by the strike. Regrettably we will not be able to service your bins until your next scheduled collection. Please check your calendar for your next collections days and, if you receive a kerbside collection, present your bins at the appropriate time.

If you have excess waste that you wish to dispose of you can visit our Household Waste Recycling Centres which are now open to the public as normal with the exception of Dawsholm, which is currently not accepting bulk including rubble or garden waste.

We understand having excess waste may cause you inconvenience. Please try to minimise the amount of waste that you produce where ever possible, or compact it as much as you can.

For example non-recyclable plastic packaging can fill large amounts of space in your bin, but can be broken up with scissors. For recycling, please flatten and break-up boxes, but also rinse cans and plastic bottles, then crush before storing within your home where ever possible.  Glass can be deposited at your nearest Glass Public Recycle Site.

If bins for general waste become full, please store your waste at home if you can.  If you can't store your rubbish within your home, please double or triple bag this waste before placing it next to the general bins you use, either in a communal bin area or by your own home. Please avoid using recycling bins for general waste as this may lead to further delays in those bins being collected. 

How can I help?    

If residents could please Knot the triple bagged waste placing the knot upwards for collection.

Any sharp objects should be wrapped appropriately or placed within a box in inside the bags to minimise risk to operatives.

How will my Bulky Waste be collected?

We are very sorry but collections of bulky waste are not due to resume until November 23.

Residents can continue to make requests for a household bulky waste collection via our on our webpage and you will need to register for Myaccount. Please check our website for updates.

Who can I speak to about when my waste will be collected?

Our Contact Centre won't be able to provide you with any further information about the impact of industrial action, other than what's stated here. 

They are available to help residents with things such as clinical collections, graffiti removal, pest control, street lighting, city parks queries, trees and allotments.

They will not be able to provide additional information about when household or communal refuse or recycling will be collected or take complaints about the impact of industrial action. Please help to keep the phoneline free for those who need help with other services.

How long will it take for the service to get back to normal once the strike ends?

Due to the number of collections that were missed during the strike action, it is likely to take a number of weeks before services return fully to normal.

Will you be providing updates on the situation so residents know what's happening?

We will always do our best to ensure our residents and businesses are communicated with as much as possible. Please check the Bins and Recycling pages of the council website up-dates and we will also publish information on the News and Events page of the council website

Updates will also be provided through our social media channels.

How do I make a formal complaint?

The Local Government Ombudsman does not investigate complaints from members of the public about issues which arise as a result of industrial action. This is because these are issues which affect everyone in the council's area, they are not individual service failures caused by something that the council has done wrong or failed to do.

Similarly, we will not be recording formal stage 1 complaints about lack of refuse and recycling collections in the city due to the strike.



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