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Welcome to your vote day - Thursday 10 March

Published Wednesday 9 March 2022

Your Vote Day

Thursday 10 March 2022 is #WelcomeToYourVoteDay, and we're encouraging everyone who is 16 or over and resident in Scotland to register to vote so they can participate in the council elections on Thursday 5 May.

Due to recent changes in the law in Scotland, these elections will be the first opportunity for many New Scots to have their say on who they want to represent them in their council.

Councils make decisions on a range of issues which affect our everyday lives, including education, social care, housing, leisure services, and rubbish and recycling collection.

You must be registered to vote by midnight on Monday 18 April to participate in these elections. You can register now at - it only takes five minutes.

There are a number of ways to have your say in the election in May - you can vote at a polling place, by post, or by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf, which is known as a proxy vote.

For more information about voting in elections in Scotland go to the Electoral Commission's website at

Published Wednesday 9 March 2022

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