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Glasgow City Council

Tech Smart - EcoSystem Support Fund


The Council will establish a fund to support tech community events in the City.  Those who are organising events can apply for funding that is required to hold an event such as catering and venue hire.  This may be used for supporting market square activities such as tech meet-ups, founder events and hackathons.

This fund is directly aimed at encouraging both the establishment of and attendance at market square activity in Glasgow and is open to any organisation hosting events in Glasgow.

The maximum amount that can be claimed is £1000 in arrears

This is a pilot project which will close to new applications on 30th September 2022. 


Eligible: You must be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Businesses must be a tech start-up or SME
  • Provide evidence that an event/activity is planned/has taken place e.g. invitation issued, venue hire
  • Proof of purchase (e.g. receipts, bank statement)
  • The event must take place within Glasgow City boundary
  • Applicants must have a business bank account
  • Your event must be free to attend

Not Eligible: The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Applicants who are undischarged bankrupts, subject to insolvency proceedings or an individual who has entered into an arrangement with his/her creditors (including a trust deed).
  • No grant contribution will be made towards speaker fees, or other speaker related costs.

Application Process

Eligible businesses must complete the online form, including:

  • A detailed outline of the event and how this relates to building the tech ecosystem/market square
  • A detailed outline of what funding will be used for e.g. food for xx attendees
  • A breakdown of all relevant costs in hosting your event

Conditions of support

  • The grant will be paid in arrears to successful applicants
  • The applicant will complete an online questionnaire following the event.
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