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Bankhead Pupils Campaign for Cleaner, Greener Community


Published 30/6/22

Bankhead Primary School

Eco-friendly P4 pupils from Bankhead Primary in Knightswood have launched a new campaign for a cleaner, greener environment and to promote recycling.

The pupils designed banners to encourage people to keep local streets clean, recycle litter, and go green. They also collected used batteries for recycling and encouraged their family and friends to do the same. Last year, Zero Waste Scotland warned that a quarter of people dispose of batteries incorrectly which can have a negative impact on the environment.

The launch of the new banners coincided with a water bottle campaign to help reduce plastic in the school.

Pupils from Bankhead's Eco-Committee are now calling on people across Glasgow to think about the harm litter can cause and to dispose of it responsibly.

They said: "If we drop litter, it will go into the drains then into the River Clyde. Then it can go into the ocean and harm animals, so we made the banners because we want everybody in Glasgow to put their litter in the bin. If we don't protect our city and planet, there will be no habitats for the animals, so we need to work together to protect the environment."


Published 30/6/22

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