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Cost of Living Programme - Fuel Support Project Q&A

Q1. We provide a onestopshop service that offers fuel advice as well as a community pantry service that offers access to free food for families. I was wondering if we would be able to apply for the fund?  

Do you mean apply to deliver the fund in response to the EOI specification that went out on Monday 1 August 2022, or be able to apply for fuel funds for individuals you are working with?

If it's to deliver the fund you would need to meet all the requirements set out in the specification.

If you want to apply for fuel support for an individual, you will be able to make a referral for fuel support to Glasgow Helps once a provider has been appointed.

The fund is not being broken down into smaller amounts therefore there won't be the opportunity to apply directly for funding for your organisation as we are seeking a sole supplier to deliver a citywide service.

Q2. I refer to the recent announcement for the Fuel Support Project funding stream. I note that the expected numbers of 15,000 cases to be actioned between September '22 to March '23. Using basic arithmetic, this would require 7 FTE Fuel Advisors to support around 350 cases per month. I am concerned as this is quite a high customer acquisition for GCC to achieve and also for the Fuel Advisors to support.

The minimum fuel advisors that we expect on the project from 1st September is 7, as demand increases in line with GCC campaigns, there could be flexibility to increase resources from within the funding set out within the specification.  This will be discussed and agreed with GCC in advance to ensure the Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements are met.

GCC would expect a triage system to be put in place to allow fuel top ups to be administered within 2 working days and the more intensive support would follow in line with SLA requirements.

Q3. In section Summary of Requirements first bullet point, the specification refers to "Fuel top ups for both pre-paid & billed meters (not outsourced to a 3rd party for DSA purposes). "Can you tell me what DSA refers to please?

DSA refers to the Data Sharing Agreement which will be developed between Glasgow City Council and the Provider. As the DSA will not apply to a 3rd party, outsourcing of fuel top ups is not permitted.

Q4. How are payments to billed meter customers paid?

In the Summary of Requirements it states

"Provider must currently operate citywide, across all tenure types and provide:

  • Fuel top ups for both pre-paid & billed meters (not outsourced to a 3rd party for DSA purposes).   "

We expect applicants to provide details of how they currently make these payments or have made these payments in the past. We also expect any payment to a billed meter customer is paid direct to the fuel supplier, therefore would expect details of the process in place to do this to be contained within the application for funding.

Q5. Are the top ups means-tested and can an individual have received support previously and still apply for this amount?

The top ups are not means tested and individuals can be referred for support on more than one occasion between September 2022 and March 2023, even if they have had previous support. There will be a limit on the number of top ups a person can receive (to be set by GCC). Where a person is referred more than the capped number of times, individual circumstances will be considered, including but not limited to, the take up of addition fuel support services offered, referral for benefit maximisation, money advice or debt advice other than fuel debt, referral to other services which may be able to have a positive impact of their income.

Please note that this Q & A will be updated regularly during the application process

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