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Pupils Learn Importance of Water for Life During Climate Week

Published 30 September 2022

St Constantine's Primary School

Pupils from three Glasgow primary schools learned about the importance of water conservation yesterday (29 September 2022) as part of Scotland's climate week 2022.

The interactive sessions, run by water retailer Business Stream, saw the primary 5 and primary 6 pupils learn about the water cycle and discuss why we should not waste water and the environmental benefits of conserving this precious natural resource. 

The discussion was particularly relevant as pupils recounted seeing news stories of the recent droughts, more prevalent in England, in the media. 

They talked about how water is essential to every aspect of our daily lives, relying on it for everything we eat and drink, for washing ourselves and our clothes, essential to making the products we enjoy and to help create the energy we need for heat and light. And how it makes up the rivers, parks, greenspaces and beaches that we love to use. But that it is a finite resource and our water supply faces big challenges.

The children from Our Lady of the Rosary, St Constantine's Primary and Our Lady of Lourdes were then asked to design posters and create their own water saving superheroes to help encourage their fellow school mates to take simple steps to save water, both at school and at home.

To continue the learning after the session the pupils were given the challenge of becoming water champions for their school to help promote the importance of saving water to other year groups.

Councillor Christina Cannon, City Convenor for Education, Communities and Equalities said: "Scottish Climate Week has been a great way for our young people to participate in and engage with climate action projects and I am always so impressed with how committed our young people are to protecting our future planet. 

"These sessions empower young people to feel more confident discussing environmental concerns, like the importance of natural resources and water conservation. 

"I am certain our pupils will carry on the important work covered at their sessions this week and continue to use their voice in the fight against climate change."

Sophia Goring, Senior Corporate Communications and CSR Manager at Business Stream said: "We were delighted to play a part in supporting Scotland's Climate Week. Our water saving sessions provide an opportunity to teach children about the importance of using water wisely to help protect the planet. 

"We're now looking forward to hearing how the pupils get on in their new roles as water champions for their schools." 

Iman (11), a pupil at Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School shared how the session has made her consider ways she can take positive climate action to limit water wastage. She said: "I had a great time learning about saving water during Scotland's Climate Week. It helped me and my friends think about why it's important and the different ways we can all save water."

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School

James Kane, Depute Headteacher at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School said: ""It was a pleasure to welcome Business Stream into our school during climate week. 

"The session was interactive, informative and inspiring. Our pupils and staff are more aware of the impact we can have on the environment and left passionate about making positive changes."

The schools' visits took place during Scotland's Climate Week, an annual event to raise awareness of the global climate emergency and encourage climate action across the country. 

This year individuals, businesses and communities up and down the country are being asked to put climate change at the top of the conversation list, with the aim to normalise conversations about climate change and encourage everyone to talk more about its impact and what each of us plan to do to tackle it.

Glasgow City Council marks this week each year through holding a series of activities that relate to the particular theme of the year and gives the council an opportunity to showcase its work and demonstrate achievements on projects and activities that seek to tackle climate change.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School


Published 30 September 2022

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