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Glasgow School Hosts Climate Conversations amidst Scottish Climate Week 2022

Published 30 September 2022

Holy Cross Primary Climate Conversations

This week climate conversation sessions kicked off in Holy Cross Primary School in Glasgow as part of Scottish Climate Week 2022.

Scotland's Climate Week is an annual, week-long event which aims to raise awareness of the global climate emergency and encourages climate action across the country.

Pupils at Holy Cross Primary took part in the Climate Conversation sessions - finding out why it is important as well as learning about the United Nations' (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and the causes and effects of climate change.

Donned as 'Climate Champions', young people were tasked with going away from the session and speaking to family and friends to gather more information about the particular aspect of climate change which matters the most to them.

Pupils who participated in the session are happy that they've been given a chance to express their climate views. They said: "Climate change will affect future generations the most and our voice needs to be heard."

Young people will now work on creative ways to express their thoughts and findings on climate change and present these to the rest of the school community, alongside their family and friends, at a presentation evening on 13 October.

Pupils will have the opportunity to explore local areas of interest highlighted by the group and work with eco-friendly materials and props to assemble their final creation - facilitated by one of Glasgow Life's artists in residence.

This project is a collaboration between Glasgow City Council's Sustainability Team, Glasgow's Education Services and Glasgow Life in alignment with the Glasgow Climate Plan.

A central part of these sessions will be looking at the different roles each young person can take on, going forward, to tackle the impacts of climate change.

It is hoped that climate conversations will transpire into direct climate action and similar sessions can be rolled out in other schools across the city.

Glasgow City Council marks Scottish Climate Week each year by holding a series of events and activities that relate to the chosen theme, this year's being climate conversations.

This year, the Scottish Government is encouraging people to make climate change the topic of conversation with the hope of normalising dialogue about climate change and encouraging chat about its impact and steps we can all take to tackle the issue.

As well as activity in Glasgow, Scottish Climate Week has also included a range of other activities, launches and stories, from organisations across the country to raise awareness, inspire and motivate positive climate action.

Published 30 September 2022

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