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£50 million grant funding to help communities most in need

Published Thursday 12 January 2023

Almost £50million of grant funding will be distributed across Glasgow's communities, targeting citizens and communities most in need.

The three-year Glasgow Communities Fund package was agreed on Thursday 12 January 2023 at the City Administration Committee by elected members to cover 235 awards to be delivered by 220 third sector groups and organisations.

The grants mark a significant investment and commitment by the City Government in both Glasgow's communities and those organisations with the local knowledge of the support required to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of residents.

Councillor Christina Cannon, City Convener for Education, Communities and Equalities, said: "This has been a comprehensive, robust, open and transparent process that has resulted in £50 million of grant funding with 235 awards across the city to help our citizens and communities most in need.

"This is a major investment in the third sector and organisations who will deliver a variety of support across the three main aims of the Glasgow Communities Fund (GCF) - supporting communities, equalities, and arts and culture.

"A total of 445 applications were received - applying for 64% more money than the value of the grant funding available.

"Across the board, there was a 91.39% increase in the grant funding requested in comparison to 2022/23 funding provided.

"A comprehensive process of assessment of the applications was undertaken, involving input from strategic officer leads across the council family - including Glasgow Life, HSCP, Education, Financial Inclusion and Economic Development.

"All applications were also reviewed to ensure a local perspective contributed to the decisions being made. This was carried out by Sector Panel Reviews comprising of cross-party elected members, community representatives and third sector officials

"We know that organisations who have not been recommended for grant funding will be disappointed and officers will be offering feedback and meaningful support around capacity building and financial advice on other sources of funding.

"This has been made available to groups throughout the GCF funding period - with specialist help offered in the way of workshops and bespoke support to help organisations to become future proof.

"As with all new grant funding, there are never any guarantees that organisations which had previously received funding will automatically have that funding renewed and groups should factor this into business models.

"Unfortunately, we have a limited pot of money and we need to use the resources of the council - especially during these challenging, financial times - in the most supportive and effective way to meet the needs of Glaswegians and our communities."

Committee report

The full report can be viewed at


Published Thursday 12 January 2023

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