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Low Emission Zone - Is your licensed vehicle compliant?

From 31 May 2023 all vehicles licensed as a taxi or private hire car require to meet the Council's Low Emission Standards(LEZ) of Euro 4 for petrol, Euro 6 for diesel, electric or have been retro-fitted. This was agreed by the Licensing and Regulatory Committee on 23 November 2022.

Transport for Scotland have a vehicle checker however this does not confirm your emission standards in terms of Euro 4 for petrol or Euro 6 for diesel. To check your vehicle emission standards please refer to your V5 document, vehicle handbook or manufacturer's guide. 

If your vehicle already meets these standards (Euro 4 for petrol or Euro 6 for diesel), no action is required. If it does not however, steps must be taken to achieve these emission standards to continue operation of your private hire car or taxi in Glasgow beyond 31 May 2023.

LEZ emission compliance can be met in several ways:

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