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Consultation to find views on city centre busking and street performing in Glasgow

A public consultation on busking and street performing in Glasgow city centre begins today (21 July).


Busking and Street Performing Consultation


Busking and street performing are seen by many as time-honoured traditions that bring additional life to city centre streets, but as performers share these public spaces with residents, businesses, street traders, the passing public and other performers, it is important that good relations between these groups are maintained, and issues avoided.


Glasgow has an existing code of conduct for busking and street performing in its city centre, with some key guidelines for performers:


· A varied and good-quality repertoire

· Keep volume from amplifiers / loudspeakers at a reasonable level

· Respect and engage with neighbouring businesses, residents and fellow buskers

· Give pitches a break after a reasonable time

· Avoid performing near cash machines, churches and phone boxes

· Keep any crowds controlled

· Perform at least 50 metres away from other buskers


Buskers and street performers may face action - such as confiscation of equipment or prosecution - from the police if they perform after 9pm with a loudspeaker / amplifier; sell cds / merchandise without a street trader's license; ignore police requests to reduce volume or move on; or wilfully obstruct the passage of pedestrians.


More information on the consultation - and the opportunity to take part - is available at:


Councillor Angus Millar, Convener for City Centre Recovery for Glasgow City Council, said: "For many people, busking and street performing is a positive feature of a visit to the city centre, with the vast majority of these performers acting within the guidelines of our code of practice.  We would like as many people as possible to give their views on buskers and street performers through this consultation as this will allow us to support what people enjoy and tackle any issues identified."

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