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RAAC concrete and schools

Published 29 September 2023

Update 29/09/23

Recently various concerns have been raised about the use of a construction material known as RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete).

In Glasgow, we currently have one school, Whitehill Secondary, where RAAC is confirmed to be in use. This has been robustly mitigated, managed and monitored since its discovery in 2021.

The measures in place are in accordance with the guidance issued by the Institution of Structural Engineers for the management of RAAC.

Officers will begin discussions with partners to develop a project around the phased, controlled removal of the RAAC in the building and its replacement.

The local school community is aware of this situation and there is no suggestion or assessment that the RAAC presents any danger to the structure of the building.

Regarding the wider school estate, a four-stage process is underway to investigate whether RAAC is present in other buildings:

Stage 1:Using known criteria for RAAC buildings, property records, and knowledge of the estate officers have identified buildings that are known NOT to contain RAAC. This stage was concluded last week.

Stage 2:Schools unable to be eliminated following Stage 1 are examined in greater detail using design and construction information to determine if these can be eliminated.

Stage 3:Any remaining buildings will undergo Visual Inspection by an appropriately qualified surveyor or engineer to determine whether RAAC can be positively identified from a visual inspection.

Stage 4:Buildings not able to be eliminated after stages 1, 2, and 3, may require to have more intrusive testing/investigation/sampling undertaken.

Searches and investigations are ongoing in line with the above process. 

Published 29 September 2023

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