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South Central Local Development Framework now adopted in Glasgow

The Local Development Framework (LDF) for Glasgow's South Central area has now been adopted.


Adoption of Glasgow's South Central Local Development Framework


The South Central LDF - after extensive consultation with local residents, businesses and stakeholders - identifies key issues and opportunities in the area, setting the vision and framework for future development, and become supplementary planning guidance for the City Development Plan.


The core components of the South Central LDF are:


· A Vision for the area to become a resilient, inclusive and vibrant place to live, work, play, and do business in.

· A Spatial Strategy to deliver on this vision, which identifies key priorities and actions to inform initiatives, projects, and design of development proposals.


More information on the South Central LDF, which has recently been approved by both Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government, can be found at:


This LDF is one of a number of such frameworks in Glasgow that provide an extra layer of planning intervention in recognition that these areas require such action to support local development.


Councillor Kenny McLean, Convener for Development and Land Use at Glasgow City Council,said: "The South Central Local Development Framework is important to the future development of this area in Glasgow. The Framework offers a strategic approach to this, informed by the needs of the diverse neighbourhoods found in this part of the city, as the council and our partners work towards attracting the future development that ensures that they thrive and are more connected, green, liveable and resilient."

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